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ATV Hunting Accessories

If you’re a seasoned hunter accustomed to hunting on foot after you leave your vehicle, you might want to try ATV hunting. ATVs, also called four-wheelers or quads, allow you to access places you might not be able to get to just by walking and they offer a place to carry your gear and your game as well as easy and quick transit over rough terrain. When using a quad for hunting, some hunting accessories can really come in handy.

Your local Can-AM® ATV dealer, Centre PowerSports, is located in Sauk Centre, Minnesota, and we’ve got the low-down on the most essential ATV hunting accessories available. Equip your four-wheeler with these and you’ll be bagging game easily in no time.


You’ll have to cross some tough terrain to follow your prey successfully. Animals avoid open areas to elude predators, after all. This means you’ll have to navigate your ATV around obstacles. Sometimes, those obstacles are standing in front of the only available path. You can use a winch to pull a friend’s ATV out of a ditch or mud, retrieve your game from a difficult spot to one where you can dress it more easily or drag a fallen tree out of your path. A winch has a variety of uses when you’re on your ATV, even if you’re not hunting, so it’s not a bad addition to any ATV.


If you want to save yourself time searching for the exact right spot to set up a blind, get yourself a GPS that attaches to your ATV. Plug in your coordinates and you’ll be able to find your way into and out of the woods with ease, and even create maps to your favorite hunting spots with the easiest route to take by ATV. Spare yourself from having to navigate back to your car in the dark woods without any recognizable landmarks.

Gun Scabbard

Bringing a weapon on board your ATV necessitates a place to store it. Your rifle can get jostled around if left loose in your ATV, ruining its calibration, and you might ride through water or mud that will get into every available crevice of your gun. Keep your gun properly calibrated and clean by storing it in a gun scabbard or gun boot to protect it from the hazards of the trail.

Extra Storage

ATVs don’t come with a lot of places to store things as a rule since they’re mainly used for recreational riding, so you’ll likely have to add storage yourself to make them more useful for your purposes. Install cargo racks on your ATV to load your gear on and even provide a place to secure your trophy in order to haul it back to the car more easily. You can also add storage boxes on your quad that are weatherproof and able to be secured with locks, allowing you to stash valuables like your phone and GPS when you park your ATV. You can also store food, extra ammunition, tools and other items in them.

Camouflage Cover

Your four wheeler, unaltered, will stand out massively in a quiet forest. Animals may recoil from your vehicle and you, by association. A camouflage cover will shield your quad from animals’ sight and help you to blend in better. You’ll also save wear and tear on your ATV by protecting it from dust, dirt, rain and sun exposure.

Still need an ATV to up your hunting game? Check out our dealership in Sauk Centre to see our wide array of new and used ATVs for sale, including Can-Am® ATVs. Centre PowerSports serves the greater Minneapolis metro area, including the cities of Willmar, St. Cloud and Alexandria, Minnesota.