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How to ride a PWC

When you invest in a new personal watercraft, there are some skills you need to learn before you hit the water for a day of fun in the sun. Many people think because they know how to drive a car, they can just as easily operate a PWC but this isn’t the case. As a matter of fact, PWCs don’t operate like the everyday automobiles we’re used to. This is an exciting experience but it’s also new, so it’s important to learn before you ride so you can have the time of your life.

At Centre PowerSports, we know how exhilarating a new PWC can be so we’ve prepared a quick list of riding tips to get you started. If you have questions or you’re interested in browsing our new and pre-owned inventory, stop by our dealership in Sauk Centre, Minnesota near St. Cloud, Alexandria, Willmar, and Minneapolis.

Safety First

Safety should always come first when you’re taking a PWC out on the water. There are plenty of dangerous situations that could lead to injury, so it’s best to be prepared for how to handle them. Every person who chooses to ride a PWC should be wearing a life jacket. You should also take some time to review relevant regulations in the area to ensure you’re following them accordingly.

Be on alert for any other watercraft in the area as well as possible debris in the water. A minor collision has the potential for a lot of damage. In addition, you should always have a safety shut-off lanyard attached to the ignition and your life jacket. In the event that you’re thrown from your PWC, you’ll need to rig the shut-off lanyard so the engine will automatically shut down.

Riding with a Passenger or Child

The safety precautions remain the same when you ride with a passenger or child in that both parties must wear a life jacket. If your passenger is new to PWC riding, make sure you brief them on your specific model and how it operates in terms of acceleration and turning. Communication is key when riding with two people. As a general rule of thumb, the less experienced rider should be on the back.

In many cases, families go out together to enjoy a day on the water. If your child wants to ride with you, be sure they’re fully aware of how your PWC works, what to expect, and how to remain safe at all times. Remember that if your child cannot properly fit into a life jacket, it probably means they’re too young to ride. You should avoid any tricky maneuvers when riding with a small child onboard. If the craft permits three riders, a child should be placed in the middle between two adults. Go over the rules beforehand to ensure your child knows how to respond if they end up in the water. One adult should kill the engine while the other surveys the area for traffic and hazards before they swim out to the child.

Use Your Entire Body

When you’re riding a PWC, you cannot rely solely on steering for navigation. You’ll also need to use your body to maneuver your machine. Keep in mind that PWC riding is a sport, so you’ll need to engage your entire body when performing an action so you can maintain control.

Get Familiar with your PWC

Whether you’re riding a Sea-Doo or another type of PWC, you’ll need to get familiar with your machine. They may all look alike, but each brand and model can vary in their functions. You should practice riding at different speeds and handling common situations such as slowing down and turning so you can get familiar with its performance. Always get familiar with safety features and performance components before riding.

Respect All Riders

Respect all other riders when you’re on the water regardless of your skill level. It only takes one rude PWC rider to ruin an otherwise perfect day. Avoid cutting off boats and other PWCs. If you need to pass, make sure you use your horn or whistle before doing so. Always leave sufficient space between yourself and other riders. Remember that there are probably residents living in the area, so be mindful of what time you choose to ride and your noise level.

You should now be ready to start perfecting your PWC riding skills. When you’re in need of new gear or just some helpful information, Centre PowerSports has got you covered. Give us a call or visit us in Sauk Centre, Minnesota near St. Cloud, Alexandria, Willmar, and Minneapolis today!