Can-Am On Road


With 3 wheels driving the experience, the open road welcomes everyone. Twists and turns become a shared joy, and no stone, pebble, or chunk of loose dirt is left unturned. The road calls to us all, and we have a blast answering, because every Can-Am On-Road vehicle is designed for ultimate stability with performance that offers confidence and peace of mind. Plus, the learning curve to riding is swift and intuitive, so it won’t be long before you’re making the most of sharing the open road. Go further with a new Can-Am Spyder or Ryker from your Can-Am On Road Specialist located in Sauk Centre, MN between Alexandria, MN and St. Cloud, MN.

2021 Can-Am Spyder RT

  • Around every bend and at the end of every horizon, there’s a new luxury to discover. This ultimate touring vehicle, with its premium comfort and storage for two, won’t just get you there, it’ll keep you determined for more.

2021 Can-Am Spyder F3  

  • Unreal performance, comfort that pushes you further, muscular design, and a world of open road. With a Spyder F3 growling beneath you, true open-air freedom is yours to be had.
2021 Can-Am Ryker
  • Easily own the road, the dirt and the gravel with a full-throttle, adrenaline-charged riding experience like no other.
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