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Snowmobile Safety

When the cold weather hits and the snow arrives, it can only mean one thing: time for snowmobiling season! You’ve waited all year to chase adrenaline rushes out in the snow. But before you head out on your adventure, take a few minutes to brush up on snowmobile safety. There are plenty of tips and tricks to improve your safety and reduce your chance of crashing or injury. If you are looking for a Ski-Doo dealer, visit Centre PowerSports. You’ll find us in Sauk Centre, Minnesota.

Snowmobiles may be designed to head out in plummeting temperatures, but your body isn’t. You’ll need to wear the right clothing to stay warm and dry in harsh, snowy conditions. The best strategy is layering – it’ll keep you warmer than if you wore one massive piece of outerwear. You can also enjoy the freedom to remove clothing as you warm up. Sweating from too many layers can put you at risk for hypothermia, so it’s important to be able to adjust your clothing layers.

Use long underclothing, a thick shirt, and a down vest for your base layers. Any outerwear needs to be windproof and waterproof. Finally, you’ll need a pair of snow pants snow boots, and heavily insulated gloves. This should be enough for most conditions, but you can always throw on more layers if you are heading out in subzero temperatures.

Another key piece of clothing for riding snowmobiles is head protection. A well-fitting helmet guards your head in the event of a crash. You’ll also want to protect your eyes with a pair of goggles. Make sure your item includes anti-fog coating and ultraviolet spectrum protection.

Many snowmobiles, such as Ski-Doo snowmobiles, are built sturdy. But they can still encounter minor performance issues. They aren’t severe enough to need professional attention, but they will stop your ride. Bring along a toolkit to handle those minor repairs (and get you back on the trail where you belong).

One often underrated piece of gear is water. Riding snowmobiles is a physical activity that will dehydrate you. Drink plenty of water as you ride. It’ll keep you focused and feeling good.

Take Precautions
When you ride snowmobiles, you assume a certain amount of risk. After all, you are taking a high powered vehicle out on rugged, difficult terrain. There will always be some safety risks in that situation, but you can keep the risks as low as possible.

Start with checking the weather before your trip. If the forecast is poor (such as a storm or heavy rains), stay home. Even the highest quality Ski-Doo snowmobiles aren’t capable of that intense of situations.

When you head out on your trip, always tell someone where you plan to ride and when you expect to return. If something happens to you, they will know where to tell rescuers to look.

Finally, be extremely careful around ice. Do what you can to avoid it altogether. You never know how thin the ice is or how deep the water below it runs. If it’s been higher temperatures the past few days, you’ll face an increased chance of thin (and dangerous) spots. Ride cautiously and enjoy a safe, fun time!

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