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The Can-Am® Story

Step into any powersports dealership and you’ll see customers flocking around Can-Am® powersports vehicles – and for good reason! These beasts of machines are built to tackle any terrain you throw at them. They offer high performance coupled with easy handling, making them just as appealing to a novice rider as a veteran pro. If you’ve ever wondered how the empire got its start, keep reading! Then come to visit Centre PowerSports to check out these head-turning machines in person. You’ll find us in Sauk Centre, Minnesota.

History of Can-Am® Powersports
Can-Am Powersports began as a branch of a larger company known as Bombardier Recreational Products. That company was launched in 1942 by Joseph-Armand Bombardier. He was a true innovator constantly working to improve his products and company. He is most known for accomplishing the first successful creation and test of a snowmobile.

When Can-Am launched, it focused on the motorcycle world. They built motocross dirt bikes designed to take home the gold. Many racers rode Can-Am vehicles to victory over the years. Eventually, the company expanded and developed new products such as Can-Am ATVs and Can-Am side by sides.

But it wasn’t enough to simply develop new products. The company aimed higher and focused on innovating them. In the 1990s, they developed Can-Am ATVs with TTI rear suspension. The unique design utilized two independent pivot points, which led to huge improvements in rider comfort.

In 2002, Can-Am became the first company to build a manufacturer-approved ATV able to hold two passengers. It boasted a cutting-edge suspension system, which meant the extra weight didn’t negatively impact performance.

In 2002, they released the Can-Am Commander. It became a line of Can-Am side by sides that are still the most versatile to date. Powered by the 85-hp Rotax® 1000 V-Twin engine, it can push through all types of terrain. It also boasts a dual-level cargo box for convenient storage.

While the company started in motorcycles, it didn’t take long for them to branch out and conquer other products too. Today, Can-Am ATVs and Can-Am side by sides are known to be top of the line. From a humble beginning, this company became a titan of its industry.

Can-Am® Powersports Today
It’s no surprise that Can-Am gained attention around the world. Today, they sell Can-Am ATVs and Can-Am side by sides in the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. They are fan favorites around the world!

Part of their appeal is due to their diversity of offerings. You can get Can-Am powersports vehicles to fit one passenger or up to six. Their engines range from 400ccs to upper 900ccs. Vehicles are built for all riding types such as recreational, mud riding, hunting, trail, and work. Each style offers special features and designs geared towards high-performance in that riding style. Whatever you need, you can find it with Can-Am powersports vehicles. You can even seek out special features to enhance your riding experiences such as performance shocks, Dynamic Power Steering, and Smart-Lok technology.

Ready to look at Can-Am powersports vehicles? Visit Centre PowerSports today! We offer Can-Am ATVs and Can-Am side by sides. We carry models for a range of price points, making it easy to find the perfect one for your budget. If you aren’t sure what specific model is best for you, talk to one of our many friendly staff members. They can help steer you to certain options that meet all your wants and needs. We carry a range of new and used Can-Am powersports vehicles and your perfect one is waiting! We proudly serve those in St. Cloud, Sauk Centre, Alexandria, Willmar, and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Stop by today!