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Towing an ATV/Side by Side

ATV trailers are a great way to get your powersports vehicle from point A to point B. They keep your vehicle secure across the miles you trek to your destination. Using ATV and UTV trailers is easy once you understand how the process works. We created a guide to towing an ATV or side by side below. For all your powersports needs, visit Centre PowerSports. We are located in Sauk Centre, Minnesota.

Preparing ATV Trailers

Using side by side trailers can be a smooth process with the right preparation. Start by checking your tow vehicle’s Gross Combined Weight Rating. This number lets you know how much weight you can tow. It includes any cargo or passengers. Not all trucks can handle all UTV trailers, so check before hooking up any four wheeler trailers.

Next, review the steps for towing ATV trailers (like this guide). Once you have a good grasp of the process, practice it a few times. You don’t want your first attempt to be affected by the stress of your impending trip departure time!

Hooking Up Side By Side Trailers

UTV trailers are easier to hitch on flat ground. Sure, four wheeler trailers can be hitched on a slope. But it will take much more time and effort, so do yourself a favor and find even ground.

Position the trailer tongue so it’s above the ball hitch. Back up until the latch is underneath the tongue and attach the tongue to the ball joint. Make sure it’s secure! Then attach the tow chains in the shape of an X under the tongue. Attach the chains to your tow vehicle. This is a safeguard since occasionally ATV trailers can disconnect. The chains will help prevent them from going far.

Loading Up UTV Trailers

Always check your owner’s manual to get the top tips on loading up side by side trailers. Different four wheeler trailers can vary in their approaches. But we go over the typical approach below.

Align your ATV with the ramp. Slowly ride up it. You are aiming for a sweet spot with speed here. Too fast and you can overshoot and hit the end of the cargo bay. Too slow and you may not even make it up the ramp. Shoot for the middle ground.

Once your vehicle is loaded inside, you will want to be intentional with how you place your weight. ATV trailers should have 60% of their weight in front, 40% in back, and 10% on the hitch. If you put too much weight in front, it’ll strain the tow vehicle. If you put too much weight in back, it could snap the hitch.

Towing Four Wheeler Trailers

The added weight of the trailer and your vehicle will impact how your tow vehicle handles. You’ll need more time and space to come to a stop. You’ll need to adjust the angle at which you approach corners. You’ll need greater space to change lanes. It’s a different driving experience, which is why you should practice driving with the trailer before hitting the highway. It helps to get a feel for how it handles in a low-traffic, low-pressure environment.

While you drive, employ defensive driving tactics. Give plenty of room between you and other motorists. Go slowly when you turn and change lanes. Avoid driving in bad weather conditions. Stay safe and enjoy your trip!

For all your powersports needs, visit Centre PowerSports. We offer a range of new and used powersport vehicles. Find your new dream ride today! We proudly serve those in Sauk Centre, St. Cloud, Alexandria, and Willmar, Minneapolis.