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Where To Off-Road In Minnesota

Riding an ATV is a fantastic way to add adrenaline-pumping fun to your life. If you’re the adventurous sort, you’re likely curious about where to ATV, since it can be hard to find a good place that permits your off-roading vehicle. Not everyone is blessed with acres of land they can tear up on their side by side, after all, and even on an off-road vehicle, there will be some regions you just don’t want to mess with.

To help out our fellow Minnesotan ATV and UTV enthusiasts, the staff at Centre PowerSports have drawn up this guide of some of Minnesota’s best off-road destinations.

We’re located in Sauk Centre, so if your ATV or UTV needs some maintenance or parts before you tackle one of these awesome destinations, schedule an appointment with our service department so our certified factory technicians can get you on the trails!

Schoolcraft Trail (Lake George)

The Schoolcraft Trail is in northwestern Minnesota, connecting the town of Lake George to the majestic Paul Bunyan State Forest over 29 miles. The trail combines beautiful forested roads with state roads. Minnesota’s unique landscape is showcased to perfection between the forest, bogs, hills and ponds that line this path. The Schoolcraft Trail is open from the start of May to the end of October.

Emily-Outing Trail (Emily)

Located in Emily in central Minnesota, this trail is accessible from the nearby Moose River Trail. Both beginners and advanced riders will have a great time riding this ATV trail. The Emily-Outing trail is open from the start of May to the start of November. One caution: this trail does share the road with passenger car traffic, as it passes through cities nearby.

Blue Ox Trail (International Falls)

Covering 74 miles across an abandoned railroad grade, the Blue Ox Trail in northeast Minnesota offers scenic trail-riding for most of the year. The trail is open from the start of April to the end of November and is relatively easy to ride, as it follows a near-straight line through swamps and forest.

Iron Range Off-Highway Vehicle State Recreation Area (Gilbert)

This premier off-roading destination in northeastern Minnesota offers 1,200 acres of tough terrain, with 36 miles of scenic trails suited to the novice rider as well as harder trails for more experienced riders looking for a challenge. Hills and valleys offer shifts in altitude that make riding more exhilarating. The town of Gilbert offers lodging, food, gas and a number of tourist attractions to round out your day. Iron Range is open for ATV and UTV riding year round, except for the time around the first three weeks of November, which mark the deer-hunting season.

Appleton Area Recreational Park (Appleton)

This area in southwestern Minnesota used to be a gravel mine, and the miners’ work made for perfect ATV riding with rolling terrain that has plenty of grit. There are twenty miles of trails over the 330 acres that the park covers, with paths for all skill levels to enjoy. Narrow trails provide a challenge and there’s even a motocross practice track in the park. The nearby city of Appleton permits ATV riding on posted roads inside the city limits.

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